Is the background included?



Yes. Included in the hire is the white & gold / black & gold backdrop seen in the photographs. It is reversible.

Alternatively you may have an attractive wall at your venue you would prefer to use, your own backdrop or a logo/sponsor board.

How do we get our images?


During the event your images are printed out by the booth. Simultaneously they are uploaded* to your online gallery.

Guests can visit the gallery by scanning the QR code on their prints. There they can download web-sized images, and purchase reprints / enlargements.

*Dependent upon venue WiFi. We have a MiFi hub too, so provided that can access the Vodafone network, the booth should still upload. If there is no WiFi and no mobile reception, the images will populate the gallery when the booth returns to base.

Please email or call if you have any other queries

Does an attendant come with the booth?


Yes there will be someone with the booth; to build it, be around in case there are any issues, and pack it down again. The booth is self-operated, but we are around for the duration of the hire in case of any problems.


How far do you travel?

We travel across the UK. 20 mile radius of us is free. Beyond that the return journey is charged at 45pm/mile.

For quotes in England, Wales & Scotland - you can just go ahead and get an online quote & book online; it will work out the mileage.

If you need us to get on a ferry - so NI, Eire, France and beyond further into Europe - that's certainly possible, but drop us an email so that we can work out the additional travel costs.


What does it cost, and what does this include?

Our 'standard hire' is 3hrs, including unlimited use/prints, an attendant, choice of Photo Strips, Single Prints or 'boomerang' GIFs, the backdrop, online gallery (full resolution digital delivery for clients and print store & web-sized downloads for guests), and delivery within a 20 mile radius. We arrive to set up 1hr before you need the booth running, and pack it down after the operational time.

The cost is £595.

Travel beyond our free 20 miles is charged at 45p/mile for the return mileage.

Optional extras:

- early set up (if you need the booth setting up and leaving before or after it's operating), charged at £20/hr

- extra hours of operation, charged at £49/hr

- double prints, charged at £49 (for a 3hr event)

If you have more intricate or non-standard requirements for your event, we can accommodate almost anything, but contact us for a quote. Some bookings have had us there for several days, for which we can work out a price based instead on days, expected footfall, etc.


Do you provide props?

We do not provide props. We used to - then Covid-19 came along, and we decided to stop, and then decided to make that decision permanent.
You are of course welcome to use your own in the booth!


Who is behind Vainglorious?

We have been doing this since 2012, as Our vintage photobooths, based around a folding, 'bellows' camera have been at thousands of events across the UK in the course of those years. We have built up a great deal of experience in the event industry and in photobooths specifically, and of course, made a large number of contacts. The company was set up and is managed by photographer Lee Garland who designs the booths and programs the software, the day-to-day administration is by Thom (who many of you may have been in contact with over the years through Vintagebooth) and the booths are taken out by a team comprising Thom, Jo & Alexandra.


How much space does the booth require?

If you are using our background allow 2.5m (8ft) wide x 2m front to back (6ft 6") and a minimum ceiling height of 2.3m (7ft 6").

If your space is more restricted than this you can hire without our background, in which case the footprint of the booth is only 1m wide x 2m front to back. Which should fit in even the most.


If we provide our own backdrop, what size do we need to order?

You would need to order a background at least 1.5m / 5ft to ensure that you can photograph groups and still fill the back of the frame. Our backdrop is 2.3m wide.


What do we need to provide?

A single power socket nearby.


Can it be set up outside?

Provided it has cover from the elements and power, it can operate outside under an awning or structure to keep it dry.


Does it need Wifi?

As the booth operates, it uploaded the captured photographs to the online gallery. Each print has a QR code on it to take the guest to the gallery - a good WiFi connection allows this gallery to be populated with the images promptly.

If the venue does not have WiFi, or we cannot access it, we can fall back on our own 4G MiFi connection. This fallback situation relies on there being mobile network coverage where the booth is situated.

If neither of these options is feasible (no Wifi and no mobile coverage), then there will be a delay populating the online gallery. Guests will still have their physical photographs, but digital delivery to yourselves will likely be the following working day, when the booth has returned to base and joined our Wifi network.


Do you have a PAT Certificate and Public Liability?

Yes of course. Please find the documents in the footer below.


Do you cover Central London?

Yes of course. The cost of driving into Central London is costly given the expansion of the ULEZ, Congestion Charging Zone and local parking for the duration of the hire. We charge £40 for bookings in Central London, defined as within the ULEZ. We fully support these efforts to reduce pollution in the capital and are working towards a London unit and a fully electric delivery in C London.

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